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Benaras Katan

Benaras Katan

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Experience the pinnacle of Benaras Katan weaving with this opulent premium wedding collection. Enhanced with jal work by the iconic weavers of Benaras, it is certified by Silk Mark India for authenticity and quality. Indulge in the best of India’s exquisite craftsmanship.


Shipping & Returns

We ship products accros India, USA, & Canda. Domestic shipping is handled by domestic courier partner while internation shipping all goes to USA california hub and then gets distributed through UPS.

Care Instructions

a. Dry clean only.

b. Use low heat while ironing.

c. Always iron silk on the reverse side.

d. Never spray water to dampen silk.

e. Do not wash stains with water.

Store instruction

a. Use cotton bags to store your silk sarees.

b. Expose silk to fresh air.

c. Wrap silk sarees in cloth or brown paper to avoid blackening of jari.

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